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Prodeco is a family owned business that's committed to deliver the best quality doors on the market.


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About Us

We are a family business in Monterrey specialized in professional blacksmithing work.

1993 Foundation

Prodeco started a project by two of the Salazar brothers, assuming the task of making the blacksmith work, for the house of the oldest of them. Supported with a high degree of engineering and the most indispensable tools, they created a product of fine and resistant design.

1994 Relocation

Prodeco was relocated within an industrial park, developing in the business of front doors and garages with special designs. They were joined by the oldest of the brothers to build an association that lasts to this day.

1998 Exportation

Prodeco began exporting its specialized metal furniture and accessories to retailers in the United States, becoming very successful.

2000-2002 Growth

Prodeco extends its facilities to more than 5,500 square meters, currently exporting most of its products to the US and Canada. Eng. Levy, a highly experienced businessman and owner of the industrial park where PRODECO is currently located, joins the team.

2014 Fusion

Prodeco extended its vision by merging with Difortre, strategically creating various products in steel.


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